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Defending Allegations of Child Abuse in Northern Nevada

If you are being accused of child abuse, then it is critical that you seek legal advice immediately. When arrested or accused of child abuse in Northern Nevada, a criminal defense attorney can explain and protect your rights in these cases.


Often hiring an attorney at the earliest stage of the case can prevent an unjust prosecution. Your attorney can provide exculpatory evidence to the investigating officers before they make a determination. Also in the early stages of the case, your attorney can contact the prosecutor to discuss the case before any filing decision has been made. Make sure all avenues of fighting the charges are available in your case.


Northern Nevada Child Abuse Defense Attorney

Child abuse allegations can rip a family apart. Law enforcement officers who investigate claims of child abuse often make mistakes in distinguishing the genuine victims of child abuse from children with a false or exaggerated claim of being disciplined by an adult. The determination is made more difficult when a child has been coached by another adult to make the false or exaggerated claims.


How a Lawyer Can Help

A criminal defense lawyer can help the parents defend themselves against baseless child abuse charges. A child abuse and neglect attorney can help a person arrested and charged with child abuse in one or more of the following ways:

  • Dealing with law enforcement and prosecutors on your behalf

  • Come into a case at any stage and prepare for the trial representation

  • Make every effort to resolve your case without a trial through dismissal

  • Find a way to have the charges reduced through plea bargaining

  • Find any alternative to sentencing medium


The penalties for child abuse are severe. You can get a criminal record, incur fines, and lose custody of your children. The importance of obtaining legal counsel to defend you against child abuse allegations cannot be stated enough.

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Located in Reno, Wolfe Law provides representation to clients in Nevada.  If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney, call Paul R. Wolfe today at (775)224-2194 to discuss your legal issue.  The initial consultation is free with no obligation; so protect your rights by calling now.





Wolfe Law Office serves clients in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and throughout the counties of Washoe, Carson City, Lyon, Douglas, Storey, Mineral, Humboldt, Pershing, and Churchill.

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